It all started Yesterday.

Panornor Panornor Nigeria Limited is a Medium Scale Enterprise that started precisely 22 years ago. We deal in Food Stuff and Building Materials.
At Panornor Panornor, we value our customers and we ensure we give them the best against all odds.
We aspire to be a world class company as we strive towards competing in the Global Market.

Panornor Fish Ponds

Parnornor fish pond raises fish for commercial purpose and this fishes are raised commercially in tanks or enclosures.

Melon Plantation

Melon is very rich in protein and vitamins and it is something that we at panornor panornor plants do.

Rice Plantation

Rice can be grown anywhere but at Parnornor panornor we have one of the best conditions for rice plantation.


The Maize Farm

Maize farms are all over the world, people plant maize year in and out but i am sure getting to have panornor panornor maize wouls let you understand the difference betwen a planted maize and a well planted maize. In one wod we offer the best.

The Palm plantation

Palm Tree Plantation is one of the most useful plantation in the world. Nothing in palm tree that is not useful, from the fruit to the palm frond, everything is used for one thing or the other that brings benefit to man. The use of red oil palm fruit to extract edible and useful red oil has been in practice all over the world for many centuries. At panornor panornor we give you the best you could get from any palm plantation.

Panornor Beans Farm

Beans farming here in panornor panornor make you understand what it looks like consuming a well planted, managed and processed beans. We plant with 100 percent requirement of any beans farm to make sure our production comes out best, i bet you wont regret patronising us.

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