Our Activities

At Panornor Panornor, we try our best to meet our customers demands both in stores and on the farm

The business remains active in farming, importation and sales operations. We run an evolving business, we have invested in mechanised farming, and our farm produce are cleaner, and with world class packaging.

The farm investment

New machineries are now in place for all our farming operations, we are in partnership with experts for training and quality purposes.

Visit our farms today to appreciate the beauty of agriculture

Evolving business

We believe in expansion, and our business is evolving. In addition to the machinery, we have also brought in new farm produce species for test run.

At successful harvest, the produce shall be made available for customers’ trial.

Our machineries in action.

We are designing a new business model for overhaul transformation of our major operations from conventional to mechanised and electronic farming and sales activities..

We also engage in research activities,for new breeds of farm produce.